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John Wagner #1 Meat Stuffer 1859

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Hi everyone,


    I was at an auction today and picked up this John Wagner meat stuff, all the horns, works great from what I can tell ready to rock. Can't really find much info on it as it seems rare to have it and have it with all the parts as far as I can tell. Does anyone know anything about this thing? Appears to be an amazing stuffer.

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Post up a picture so we can see your new toys

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Thanks fishwrestler, I will work on that when done with work today! Just weird how there is virtually no info on this one at all. The #2 and #3, but nothing anywhere on the #1. Thanks!
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Looks like it may be a bit difficult to sanitize..... from the internet pictures anyway....
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Why do you have 2 login "handles".... You should get Admin to fix that... PM and he will take care of you....
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Good question Dave, I used to get on have little time to do so these days. When I tried to login I couldn't so tried to re do it and must have screwed something  up

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