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Hi everyone, I am an absolute newbie to smoking. I have been using a homemade contraption made of cinder blocks and expanded steel and burning wood from around the property here as fuel for it. I used this both as a grill and a BBQ / smoker by simply covering it and controlling temps when BBQ ing and smoking. 4' by 8' so I would keep the smolder at one end while meat was at the other. It's the best I could do being that I am a poor person financially speaking and had to make due with what was available. I am 48 and reside in south central PA. USA.

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Allerb, welcome to SMF!  We are glad you are here.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong and everything oh-so-right with the homemade smoker/grill you've made.  ​Congratulations on using what you have available to turn protein into yummy goodness.  I hope you get lots of new ideas here on the forum for what to throw on that baby to keep it exercised and happy.


Have fun!

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Welcome Allerb! Some of the best BBQ I've eaten came off a rig just like you described. Man, the Brisket that fellow made was delicious. It's  all in knowing your equipment and controlling your heat.

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