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Just Moved...Finally got to fire up the smoker! --Sirloin Tip W/QVIEW

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Howdy! i have just moved from VA to NC and in the move and doing everything i had not had the chance to fire up the smoker...until Saturday.  Where i live now we have a Sams club which i joined and found beautiful piece of Sirloin Tip Roast  and i thought that would be good on the smoker. So i put it and a brisket on the smoker together and a smoking we were doing!


I decided to go with some simple flavors....SPOG(salt pepper onion garlic) on my beef. for the salt component i used Worcestershire sauce and soaked it rubbed it over night and this is what is looked like in the morning...



After that i got my fire going with some cherry and later apple wood (was all i had)  I used my new probe thermometer for the first time and watched the temp really carefully because i know the  meat can get over done in a hurry. For med rare I read to take it about 130 and let it rest but my wife doesn't like hers med rare....she likes hers more medium so i took it to 138 (smoked for 2:15 @275 deg) 




And then i covered and let it rest for two hours. I didn't take the IT again but if i had to guess i was 145-150 or so. When i was done letting it rest I sliced into and had a taste...




I ate it for lunch and dinner Saturday and lunch and dinner Sunday. I have to say it was really freakin' good. Here is what it looked like on Sunday for Dinner....



I did take a couple of the wife's pieces and sear them off at the edge on a really hot skillet. I did one of mine too that way to try it, wasn't bad but not as good as the med-med rare when it was done smoking.


Well that was my smoking a sirloin tip roast last week end.

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Excellent , Phatbac. You're keeping the S.C. tradition for good Smoked Meats. (well , you did some I Va. also).


Your roast looked nice , but what happened to the  Brisket :icon_question:

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Nice Job Really Looks Good      points1.png



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right now the brisket is in the freezer. I took some pics of the brisket but not a lot. I may post a thread about it later in the week. 

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