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Smoked salmon

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First post. My third attempt at smoked salmon. My first time using a Smokenator on my Weber kettle. The temp ran from me a little bit but it still came out pretty good. I had it sit in a sweet marinade over night. Ended up with nice moist salmon with a subtle smokiness and sweetness. I'm pleased.
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RR , looks good !

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If you are pleased , that's good enough . Start a  BBQ Log to record all your techniques used in each smoke . You'll soon be comfortable doing Salmon.


Keep on Smoking , have fun and . . .

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Way to go!
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Welcome to the world of Salmon smoking.   Looks pretty good.  Any pics of your smoking setup?

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I agree with all of the above.  I'd try it.



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Nothing fancy right now. 22" original kettle premium with a Smokenator and a dual probe temp gauge.
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