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First spare ribs question

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 When I place my ribs on bottom rack would it be bad if i place them in a cookie sheet? I have 3 racks and 3 "shelves" the reason i want to place lowest one on a cookie sheet is to protect my heat source an older hotplate/double burner. T-minus 2 hours until I throw them in, and I am getting excited.

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That would most likely cause some temperature fluctuations within the smoker and make the bottom rack cook faster as the cookie sheet would absorb a lot of heat. If you want to put a sheet or pan under your food I would suggest putting it on a rack by itself then putting the food above it.

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Thank you for the speedy reply. They are in with no drip pan, let the juices fall where they may. Pictures to follow.

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I use foil to cover any areas that may get dripped on.That way I'm not really changing the heating or air flow while still making it easy to clean up.

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