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Man gary you guys are eating good today! points.

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Looking at your avatar I can just imagine prying eyes peeking over the top or through the knot holes of your privacy fence. The smells from your smoker must drive your neighbors crazy, as they try to see what you're up to.

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Looks absolutely great, Gary. I have never cured anything before and have never heard of cured pulled ham, but I can tell from your pics that I will be trying this soon.
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Looks phenomenal Gary.... Very nice job !

I'am on my way for dinner ! driving.gif

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Thank's guys, better hurry bout gone !!




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I just did my first pulled ham too. Costco boneless butt, cut in half. Unrolled it and opened it up a bit so the thickest at any one place was 2". Pops brine with 1/2c table salt. Gallon zip lock. Fridge for 15 days. Salt fry test too salty, so Ice water for 2hours. Tied with twine. Small fan to help form Pellicle, 30h due to postponing for a day. Smoked with hickory and apple on the low rack of a Brinkmann Gourmet with PID controller set to 225F. Smoked ribs on top rack for dinner. When the IT of the butt reached 150F I foiled it with crushed pineapple and cooked it to 205F IT. 15hours. Rest one hour, unfouled and started pulling. This stuff is amazingly delicious and moist, and pulling it gave me goosebumps.
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Gary, Nice looking ham, it is going on my "to do" list. :points:

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Great,   I just did mine, your right the flavor is Fantastic



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Looks great Gary!
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This is one of my favourites and yours looks great!





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Nice , Gary. And , yes, I need to do some of that... been wanting some BBB for a long time; and the cured Butt is another need to do...


have fun and . . .

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Looks GREAT Gary! Nothing like a little butt ham. 

Happy smoken.


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Thanks David, just posted my BBB I sliced today



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Gary, Can the ham be sliced? If so, what IT would it be pulled? Can the pineapple juice be saved and maybe heated with some brown sugar or something similar to make a glaze?
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Yes and Yes  or maybe ?    Taking the Ham to 205 º allows it to be pulled just as you would pulled pork.  180 - 190  would be good for slicing  But we wanted pulled


I took the Pineapple juice and added just a little Brown sugar and let it reduce on med-low- heat till it was about 1/2   great glaze



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