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Any Problems Freezing Sausage with Sage?

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I just smoked 10 lbs of Smoked Venison Breakfast Sausage that was on page 299 of Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing, by Rytek Kutas.  There is a note with this recipe indicating that it is better to omit sage from the sausage as it makes the meat bitter when stored for long periods of time.  I plan on vacuum sealing and then freezing the sausage. 


What are the forum member's experiences with freezing sausage with sage, any issues?  What is considered, "long periods of time?" when it comes to freezing meat?



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JD and all the rest have sage in the breakfast sausage you will be fine. Probably sorry if you omit it. JMHO

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I put up 10-20 #'s of breakfast venison breakfast sausage every fall, eat it all winter from the freezer w/no problem .

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If you are using dried sage you shouldn't have any issues. We do Fassets breakfast sausage and freeze it with no problems. If you are using fresh sage that isn't dried (can apply to other fresh herbs also) you may end up with a bitter taste and even textural issues.
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Agreed. I use dried sage in a regular 15lb batch and freeze it for 2-3 months. No issues; the family loves it.
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I also use dry sage and freeze. But it never lasts long enough to be considered a "long period of time."
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