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Smoked Turkey question

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I'm going to attempt my first smoked turkey as a trial run before Christmas, it's a small 13lb one. I'm worried about the skin turning out rubbery especially because it's been brined. I was thinking smoked @ 275F until IT 145F then put it into a 500F oven for 10-15min then rest. Any ideas appreciated. :439:

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I brine my turkeys 95% of the time.  Dry skin really helps with the crispiness and the color.  If your smoker can handle a higher temp you can smoke the turkey at 325F or 350F, then no need for the oven. 


If 275F is the max temp for your smoker, you can definitely finish it in the oven.  I'd take it to a higher IT though, say 160F in the thigh, before moving it to the oven.   145F IT is way too low IMO even for a 500F finish. 

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Dry off after brining or out of the package , set on a plate and dry in the Fridge overnight , then Season under skin with compound Butter , cook(Smoke). Place in 500*F oven for crisp skin...

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Thanks guys.

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Good advice



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