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Jerk wings!

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Finally got around to making homemade jerk marinade last night and dumped it in a ziplock with half the wings I got on a great sale! I'm in the 225-250 range and just flipped them after 1:15. They're smelling great!

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Just about to come off. I'm just under 2 hours and they look very done to me. I see other posts where you go 2.5 to 3 hrs at 275? I'm afraid I'd have chicken jerky at that point! I'm monitoring temp with an igrill mini.

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Mmmmmm love wings. Nice job
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Waiting for the grilled breasts for those who "don't eat chicken off the bone"

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Looks great.


I have one of those who dont eat bone-in things.

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Such a shame for those who don't appreciate bone in. Of course she'll kill a slab of ribs. The wings were awesome. I'll do two habaneros next time. The heat was there but could have used more. I'm a spice junkie.
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Great looking wing cook in that Mini! Nice smoke!
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Nice , I could eat a dozen wings and 6 Breast , Gnarbrah .


Good job , keep us busy drooling ,:drool , send more Q-view . . .

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