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Best Beef cut for Sammies?

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Just wanting some opinions on the best cut to use for fast food restaurant style { very thinly sliced } roast beef sammies?
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Eye of round.

bottom round cooked.


bottom round cliced


bottom round french dip plated


Happy smoken.


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I'd say, that since slicing thin is the best way to make tough cuts edible, then whatever is cheapest. Even tough cheap beef tastes good.

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Well the best in my opinion would be thin cut med-rare boneless rib eye roast soaked in some au jus. However that is spendy, but a lot of beef is spendy now.  I have seen on here for example in this beef forum, cuts of sirloin tip and eye of round that would be great for example.  A whole top sirloin would be great as well.  Of course one of my favorites would be non-sliced but pulled beef from a nice sized chuck roast.  Reinhard

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I use Whole Sirloin.  Not the cheapest but DAMN is it good!!!


Search the thread "Rare Roast Beef" and you will see mine and also BearCarvers and several others that are doing it.



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Just did a sirloin tip roast. Made great sammies the day of and of course great leftovers
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Thanks all for the replies!! Now all I have to do is get off my slow moving arse and get to the store so I can geter smoked!!!
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Hello , Wolfman . I will stick with Brisket , although the Eye , Prime and Chuckies are good and so is Scott's Whole Sirloin . But trimmed (after cooking) and thin slicing a Brisket is sooooo good :drool.


Have fun and . . .

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