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Mick, the plate is just fabulous! And purple Peruvian potatoes are the most delicious thing here around, as far as potatoes do go, and so healthful! BRAVO!


I love the minimalistic arrangement (my favorite way to eat) and incredible food you've done. So fabulous! Happy weekend!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah (And I love your WINE picks, the warm up bottle especially)!!!!!

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Terrific looking meal, plating and qview. Thanks.



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All I can add is that sure looks awesome & had to be so tasty.... Very nice smoke man, very nice ! kewl.gifbeercheer.gif
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I am heading out in the sunshine ,finally,so will get back to you kind souls a bit later.

David its actually 28 years since we have beaten NZ at that ground. 

If you youtube All Blacks haka you will get an idea of what we are up against.

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Nice looking Ribs . Those are 'Short Ribs ' here and are very good and cheaper than Beef Ribs .


Keep up the good cooking and send more Q-view...


Have fun and . . .

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We had a salad on the side,just fennel with balsamic vinegar.

I think I could have cut the ribs in half,next time.

Italians around here bake them in the oven in sauce.I find that a bit to fatty.

They have some nice meat on them & I love things on the bone.

Chimmichurri seems to have plenty of variations.Its really just a green sauce but the lemon & vinegar base gives it a nice counterpoint  to the meat. Argentineans are going to sayingth_dunno-1[1].gif WTF with the palm sugar but it was just a bit to sharp.Palm sugar grates easy & dissolves well.

Thanks for looking.


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I think that there is a Chinese way to approach these.

Poach in master stock for a while. 

Then cut them into bits as a cube at each rib bone.

Cool overnight then go again over charcoal.Skim the fat of the master stock to grease the grill. Dipping sauce some poaching stock jazzed up a bit.

We went out in the pouring rain yesterday to the chinese dominant suburb 5 mins away. I saw a Chinese charcoal BBQ restaurant that must be new. I will head up there sometime soon to investigate. Its a very Northern Chinese place.Lot of noodle,dumpling,pancakes & these groovy little buns & bread things. 

Also hot pots,cabbage,turnip, lamb & goat which is very northern food.

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Everything looks tasty as usual Mick! Wish I had a lemon tree in the yard.

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Lemons grow really well here in Sydney ,I have no luck with lime trees except kaffir.
Some years I preserve them in that Moroccan style ,I can't use them all fresh.
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show me the finished touch.  We usually bbq a thinner version of these called riblets at our market and only use garlic salt on them but the ones you have are thick and look good

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They look delicious. Great Job!

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