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fresh ham?

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I ordered a fresh ham to smoke in a couple of weeks. Any tips for doing so? It's not cured at all.
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Look up threads "smoking ham" and you will see a ton of posts. 



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I Just ordered the ham, I won't have it from the butcher for two weeks.
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What do you want to do with it? Do you want ham, pulled pork or pork roast? In my opinion, a fresh ham is best suited to being cured and smoked. Butt or shoulder is better for pulled pork because it has more internal marbling and connective tissue that'll break down and make the meat moist and tender.

For roast pork for slicing, I like the loin best, but there are several other cuts that work also. Fresh ham is difficult to cook properly for pork roast, again, due to the lack of internal fat and connective tissue. It is extremely easy to dry it out.

So, figure out what you want, and somebody can give you advice.

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