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Yes Sir,i sure do. I have tried it both ways and find that the hours spent cooking covered makes it tender.

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I did a brisket Saturday along with a lot of other stuff,


I usually go with a whole packer (Sam's)  get it and let it sit on the counter while I am firing up the smoker. Take it out of the cryovac  and trim the fat cap down to about a 1/4 to 1/8, rub it down with a little EVOO or any good cooking oil, then I coat it salt and course ground black pepper, (you can use what ever rub you like) then on the smoker for 5-6 hours (I run mine at 225º ) then take it off and wrap in butcher paper and back on till done about 6 hours or so.( The one Saturday took 13.5 hours total)  then I wrap with a couple old towels and in the cooler for an hour or so. This lets the juices redistribute and also the temp will climb a few more degrees. Brisket will have a good bark, smoke ring and be juicy and tender.


Hope this helps


Gary S

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