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Pulled Chuck Roast - QView

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Hey all,


Took some advice from a few mates in the forum and tried out smoking a chuck roast for some pulled chuck sammies. Smoked em' with some Hickory & Pecan.


Got a couple of 1.5 lb. chuck roasts from Costco (still cant find the large 6-8 lbs. ones that others have smoked in some other posts);



Prepped the meat the night before with a dusting of pepper, garlic & onion powder, kosher salt, and some Keg steak seasoning;



Tossed on a few bacon strips and was good to go!



Mopped them with some butter, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce about every hour until it reached 160;



Panned and foiled them at 160, and since I was also cooking some of those 9 hour burgundy mushrooms taken from MossyMo's post, I poured some of the marinade from shrooms into the pan;



Flipped the meat about every hour or so, and stopped smoking once my meat temp hit 205...turned out to be incredible!



Also smoked some potatoes, and twice baked dish;



Mushrooms were incredible! (thanks to MossyMo!). Sammies were great to with some melted provolone and a really nice meat sauce I had prepared the night before.


All in all a great smoke. Only issue I had was the time...I started my smoke at 9am figuring with the smaller size of these chucks I would be good to eat by 5pm...was a few hours off and took them off at 7pm, then let them rest in a cooler for an hour.





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Looks real good Chad !!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up


Pulled Beef is Great !!:drool


The ones I get are usually about 3.5 pounds, but your small ones look thicker than the ones I get, so yours would take longer to get done in the center.




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Tasty looking sandwee!!! Love smoked roasts! Been using 7 bones lately, mainly because they've been on sale.
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Thanks guys, always means a lot to us newbies when we get feedback from the more 'seasoned' smokers. ;)

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