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Jazz up your BLT's

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Sometimes a plain old cheese burger can be just what is needed.  Same with the traditional BLT.  However being a sausage head, I am a notorious tweeker and my BLT's fall victims to my tweeks all the time. Melted cheese, mushrooms, my own smoked Canadian bacon, and more has my BLT's look like a burgers version of a Juicy Lucy.  Yesterday I made it simple with added jalapeno peppers and onions.  Here are some pics---- Reinhard

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Have you ever tried BAT's??? Bacon Advocado Tomato sammich. It's ridiculously good. Here's a pic from last summer. Incredible

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That's awesome looking bacon!!!  Do you grill/cook the avacado in any way or just sliced fresh as shown in the pic? Sure looks like something I want to try.  Reinhard

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Looks Very Tasty, Reinhard!!:drool:drool


I could stand a couple of them today!!Thumbs Up


Here's another way of Jazzing up a BLT.

Turn it into a "BCBBBBCTBLT"






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Wow!!! Now that's a meat lovers sandwich!! It's so much better when you put all of your own home smoked goodness on there like you have.  Reinhard

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Ok now i have to get up and go to the the avocado..

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Another great way to jazz up your BLT is to make a bacon weave taco and fill with chopped lettuce tomato and mayo!
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Didn't grill the Advocado, just fresh sliced. You won't be disappointed
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Thanks, D-Train.  Reinhard

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