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New to Smokin

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Just ordered myself a MES40 and amnps. I can't wait to get it and start smoking. I am ready to do some fish and cheese. I also plan on doing some ribs and roasts as well. Once I feel comfortable, I might do a turkey or some chicken.


I look forward to tapping into the wealth of knowledge available on this forum. I still need to learn what kind of wood works best with certain meats and need to perfect my brines.

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Hey wy will, welcome to SMF!  Congrats on the smoker purchase and the excitement.  There's plenty of folks here with lots of great ideas, recipes, and techniques for your smoker.  You'll be an expert yourself in no time flat!


Woods are like rubs, brines, and any flavor enhancer.  Very much a personal preference.  My wife and I like stronger woods like hickory and mesquite, but we switch up to fruit and nut woods occasionally just to change things up a little.  You'll figure out what you like best.


Brines?  I love brines for poultry and pork.  I play with the recipes all the time.  Every time I think I have one perfected I try something else I like better.  The road to perfection is filled with lip-smacking smiles!


Welcome friend.  Enjoy your new obsession!

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Good morning and welcome W W, congrats on the new smoker will be looking for some good things coming out of it in the future.


Gary S

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Thanks guys. I can't wait to start smoking. I'm already browsing and saving brines, cures, and other recipes to try out.

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Welcome from Canada.


You have come to a good place to learn about smoking. There is a lot of great information in the posts, great people and many wonderful ideas.


I look forward to your posts.



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Welcome, see ya around the forum !
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