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Jalapeno Venison Summer Sausage

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This year was a no venison year for me but sure had great memories of the hunt and deer camp.  My brother brought down the venison from up north that he and a friend harvested.  So i already made the polish i posted earlier and now comes the summer sausage for the guy's. Here is what i used:


16 pounds of venison

9 pounds of pork butt

5 cups of cold water

1/2 cup from the jalapeno juice

2 1/2 cups of sliced pickled jalapenos

4 T mustard seeds

5 cups of dry'd powderd milk

3 heaping T of diced garlic [from the jar]

5 tsp cure #1

1 pack of seasoning [enough for a 25 lb. batch summer] from a supplier who is out of buisness [Hamm's Butcher Supply] who was here localy and had by far the best pre-made seasoning i have ever used.  


I ground the meat once through a course plate.  sprinkled the powdered milk over the meat.  Then i mixed all the rest of the seasonings and cure with the liquid. poured that over the mix plus the sliced peppers and mixed the meat well.  Then i gound the meat mix one more time through a medium plate, covered it with plastic wrap, and put it in the fridge overnight for the next day's stuffing in fibrous casings.  Some of you may recognize the way i tie all the sausage on one butcher string.  I do my rings the same way.  I finished these off in the oven at 225 until internal of 155 deg. [took about 2 1/2 hours per batch]. Then the ice bath, let them cool, and vac'd them ready for the freezer.  Reinhard

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Man it looks great . it will do great sandwich .

thanks for posting the recipe ,

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AfricanMeat----thank you.  To do this recipe you have to get a pack of pre-made summer sausage seasoning from your favorite place and add everything else on the recipe to it.  I use pre-made seasonings and then tweek them to the way i like it. I edited the bottom of the recipe so it shows a pack of seasoning enough for a 25 pound patch as part of the whole recipe. Reinhard

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Reinhard that looks great I also was only having tag soup this yr. Looks like you got great texture on them looks very yummy


A full smoker is a happy smoker

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Nice summer sausage! We go heavier on the mustard seeds as well. I remember you made Curley's bacon, have you used Curley's summer sausage mix? We have 1 50lb SS mix from Curley's and 1 50lb SS mix from Sausage Maker. I think I'm going to try your additions with Curleys mix except the jalapenos will be replaced with heat restrained cheese.


Those sliced shots look perfect! Every chub!

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Woodcutter, i haven't used Curley's yet but i will order some.  I just started using their supplier since mine went out of buisness. Their bacon seasoning and polish have been great. I'm going to make a batch of sausage using their "chilli dog" seasoning. Excited about that. So in general i have been happy with their seasonings so far.  Reinhard

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They look great Reinhard... Were they spicy with the 2 1/2 cups of sliced pickled jalapenos........:th_violent5:

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You didn't mention it but did you smoke these?

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Boykjo---when i did my test fry they seemed on the hot side.  However after they were finished, they lost some of the heat [kind of like a ABT when they are done]. Should have took that in concideration.  Next time i will go 3 cups and put in more of the juice from the jar.  The taste was good by my official tasters [my wife and mother-inlaw who lives with us].  So my brother and our friend will be happy with the taste but the heat may not be what they expect. That's what they get when they hire a guy for free LOL. BTW thanks for asking, i should have stated that.


Stayhot--i did do these in the oven with the temps as stated in the OP.  It was too cold to run the smoker.  Today it's 10 above so i did run the smoker for two 5 pound pieces of boneless pork loins for canadian bacon [using Pop's brine].  The Masterbuilt electric maintained temp the whole time.   Reinhard

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Looking at the SS I like the lean to fat ratio you used. I see no fat out or shrinkage and the SS looks absolutly perfect...... I reiterate to everyone when making SS I like to use lean meat at a maximum of 10% fat which will get you results like yours..... Again the SS looks great
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Thanks.  After cooking the SS i only had 5 drops the size of a dime on the foil below.  I have similiar results from the link sausage i smoke or do in the oven when it's too cold. Like you said, the ratio of fat to lean is key.  I also believe in the correct amount of powderd milk is important as well. Reinhard

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That is some good looking summer sausage!

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