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Pork Belly BACON!!!!

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My adventures started about a week ago when I decided to make some bacon.

I started with about 30 pounds of pork bellies.

Two fresh whole bellies from the butcher and six smaller pieces that were previously frozen and given to me by a friend.

I tried some of Excaliber's Bacon Cure. Rubbed the bellies down and set in the fridge to cure for just about a week.

Yesterday I pulled the bellies out of the fridge and rinsed several times and then soaked for about 30 minutes. I then dried them off and got them ready for the smoker.
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Here are the pork bellies after being put into the smoker.

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Yummmmmm. I love bacon.
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I started the smoke around 6pm yesterday evening. I am smoking with a combination of apple and hickory. Here is a picture at the 24 hour mark. How long should I go??

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Cold smoke?
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Yes cold smoking.
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When I cold smoke 12 hours was enough for me.
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Cold smoking, you can go for days. It depends on the wood you're using, and your taste.

Last time I cold smoked, I used peach for 3 days. It still had a light smokey taste. Could've gone for another day or 2.

Apple & hickory? I don't know. It just depends on how you like it.

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I don't know how people smoke for days.

I use hickory thou.?????
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It's easy with an AMNPS.

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Used that with my mes.
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