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Smoked turkey soup

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I had an extra turkey so I smoked it up today. Cut the breasts off for sandwich meat later in the week, picked the bones mostly clean of the rest and set aside, now I have the carcass simmering slowly to make a smoked stock for some smoked turkey noodle soup tomorrow. I'll update with finished product pics tomorrow!



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Looking good so far! I'm boiling down the remains of ours right now for stock that I'll freeze for later.
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Cold winter night, smoked turkey noodle soup mmmm

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LOL.... its amazing how we learn, one for Thanksgiving and one for leftovers...LOL When I was kid Mom would put the bird up after the meal so we couldn't get to it. LOL


Looks good!

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Strained and now cooling...tomorrow will be a good day for some football and soup. Especially because all the hardwork is done!
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I'm eating a cold turkey sandwich with mayo and am also making stock with the carcass as I sit here and type. I love Thanksgiving!
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Stock boiling here all day as well. My wife decided to just make the turkey soup.

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