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Opinions- Steak

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Hello all-


Just got into smoking and am working my way through the different meats. I did Short-ribs two weeks ago and a Boston Butt yesterday. I was thinking about getting into a steak next weekend. I like a nice steak with some fat to it. I was just wondering from the veterans out there, what you think is the best cut of steak to smoke and how you prepare it.


Thanks in advance!

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In my opinion, beef steaks such as filet, ribeye, T-Bones, etc are made for a fast sear over high heat. I add smoke wood to the fire but it's really grilling vs smoking.

Pork steak on the other hand does pretty good over a lower slower cook. After all, pork steak is just a pork butt sliced up.
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My favs are NY strips and rib eyes, but almost any steak with SPOG and smoke is great.
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I generally do Rib Eyes, but fillets, NYstrips, T Bones, etc. are all good.


I like to reverse sear my steaks.  Usually season only with SPOG or Montreal Seasoning.  Here's a thread of an RS ribeye I did not too long ago:


Good luck!  Remember we love qview!!



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I'm with SeenRed - I have been buying ribeye's at Sam's Club, nice ones, 4 to a pack for about $26. Each is big enough for NumberOneWife and I to split, so for about $6.50 we can both have steak. 


I usually brush on a little olive oil, followed by Tatonka Dust. I smoke them an hour or so, or until internal temperature gets to about 120-125, then onto a hot grill for about 2 minutes per side. I swear the steaks actually swell up and get bigger in the smoker. Absolutely fantastic - and this method has completely spoiled my wife (and me as well). They just melt in your mouth. Durn it, wish I had not responded to this post late in the day when I was already hungry .... 

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Top 3 Steaks IMHO:


#1   Ribeye

#2   Ribeye

#3   Ribeye.


I prefer low smoking to about 115*-120* IT, and then finishing it to Med-Rare on the grill.


However the absolute best way to do Ribeyes would be to buy a standing Rib Roast, which is just a number of Ribeyes that weren't cut apart. My favorite method for that is below:






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I'm with Bear on this one.  Individual ribeyes or a Rib roast.



If I'm grilling, my top pick would be a nice thick NY Strip.  Don't care what anyone else says, there is nothing better  :)


That said, Strips just don't taste as good when they are roasted.   I have no idea why this is the case, but it is what it is.


Now, a nice Rib Roast slow smoked with Hickory to a nice medium rare  ?  Pure heaven.

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I am a little late to the party but it's all been said. Reverse seared Ribeye would be my choice!!

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Definitely not late to the party. . . I am going to the store tonight! Either way, I plan on trying each opnion whether it be this weekend or next.

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