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First brisket in years

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I haven't smoked a brisket in over 5 years, because my old Chargriller Duo didn't hold heat well enough. I just got my new pit from Pits by J.J. and am throwing the brisket on over pecan wood around 1am. The lump charcoal is almost ready, & then I'll add the wood. I'm going to use a basic Texas rub of black pepper and salt but added a little brown sugar (my wife spent years in KC), some garlic and a little cayenne for some heat. It's a CAB brisket, & I trimmed the fat cap down to about a quarter inch. It's not the most marbled brisket, so I plan on cooking with the cap up. I'll post pictures along the way.
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Thats a handsome pit you've got there. Very nice.

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Cant wait to see the finish. Congrats on the new smoker
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2eva5aze.jpg Cooking down the pecan logs. evujyrag.jpg Before applying rub. ery2ahyq.jpg Rubbed and waiting for the fire to be right. ydy9ymeh.jpg
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egare3av.jpg One hour in. The fire is tricky tonight since it's in the low 50's. I'm having to add a lot more wood than expected.
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pabu2e2e.jpg 2.5 hours in.
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Mmmmmm..... BRISKET! What a great way to christen a new pit!

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Hello nmaust.  Looks great to me.  Good job.  Ya can't beat a well smoked brisket.  Keep Smokin!


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Just wrapped at 170 & threw on a bone-in pork shoulder. There's going to be a lot of leftover meat to stick in the deep freeze.
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Dang, looking great!

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Thread Starter's probably going to be done earlier than planned, but that just means we get a little snack before dinner which will be brisket & pulled pork poboys. I started a football season tradition a few years ago called "Eat the opponent" in which I grill something from the town of the team the Cowboys are playing. It's a great way to find new recipes, & the wife seems to enjoy it.
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The brisket reached 190 about 2 hours ago. It's in the cooler, & the shoulder is at 155.
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That is a good looking picture!

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The finished product turned out awesome! e9yruhe4.jpgvebu4usa.jpghedytu3e.jpgaba6ybe7.jpg
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Question on Brisket -


If I was to do a Brisket on Friday can I let it sit in the cooler till Saturday and it will be ok to cut?

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I was wondering something similar today. This one cooked faster than planned, so I put it in the cooler wrapped in foil & towels at 190 IT around 1:00 but didn't cut it until a little before 7. It was still nice and hot, but I'm not sure how much longer it would've stayed that way.
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great looking brisket.

When holding meat you want to keep it above 140 degrees. i have held pork butts for 7 hrs in a cooler wrapped in towels and they were still at 160 when i pulled
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Is it ok to brine a brisket?

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I think it should be, although you would pretty much end up with corned beef.
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