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Thick cut pork chops

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Got some 1" thick pork chops for the smoker tomorrow. Injected with apple juice and dry rub. I'm thinking 225 for an hour and a half should do it for planning reasons but of course will pull them when the temp is correct. I'm worried about them drying out. Any suggestions?

Still can't upload pics for some reason. Really wish this issue could be fixed.
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The only way people dry out meat is usually just by over cooking it. With removing food at the right temp it always turns out juicy in my experiences.

Some cuts of meat don't benefit from slow cooking.. Lean cuts usually fall in that category. Everyone has different cookers but in mine I'd go 250-260 and finish with a sear for some more color and flavor.
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I have a 40 MES if that helps. When you say finish with a sear, are you referring to getting a crust on a searing burner? If so, what tempt should I pull them before searing and what method is best for searing.
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I forgot that I'm out of propane and broke as a joke so the searing burner attached to my grill is out. What other option could I use?
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If I'm doing a high heat sear I'll pull it about 5 degrees from my IT and give a quick one on both sides to caramelize a little bit. Pork chops do great searing with a cast iron pan with a little oil.. Peanut oil if you have it.
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Thanks man, one more question and I'll leave you alone. Can you ball park guess how long it should take to get to IT?
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Oh with a smoker preheated @ 250-260 it shouldn't take too awfully long to reach hour or less I'd guess. After a sear and rest it'd easily reach 145-150 and be plenty juicy.
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Thanks a ton man. Will post results tomorrow
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Pork chops turned out great. The searing process didn't work out so good. Not used to searing in a pan.
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Sorry to hear the searing didn't work well for you. It does work.. I've been pan frying chops for years.

Sometimes I'll coat them with bread crumbs, sear them and then smoke em.... Mmmmmm good!
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