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Bought the rub and sauce recipe tonight from smoking and couldn't wait to put it together so I broke out the 5lb full packer I have for Sunday and rubbed her down.

This rub us amazingly simple yet wonderful tasting from sampling it.

My question is should I do anything else to the brisket now or just wrap it up till Saturday night when I'm ready to smoke?
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Zak.  You can  always inject it it if you like. i usually don't.  But tried it on this post. Turned out great!


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I injected my brisket last time and the flavor was wonderful. Used beef stock, worcestershire and some rub. However it came out dry but still had that awesome flavor. I didn't inject it until right before it went on the smoker though.

Last time I didn't wrap it as I was unaware of that method. Since then I have read up, went through the 5 day ecourse and watched 20 hrs of BBQ pit master and now know to put it in a pan with broth to finish it after a few hours of smoke.

I'm hesitant to inject it now as I'm afraid that it may over power the meat if it sits that long. What do you think?
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like you I inject right before I throw it on the grate. Here in Texas the brisket is king. And Typically we don't inject. I just wanted to give it a shot. As for over powering the meat, I suppose it would depend on the solution.  The one described on my post above was pretty darn spicy. But good. 

It is your taste that is the determining factor.  Thats the great thing about Q  b

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Yours looked great on the photos by the way. I'm working with an ECB myself. Do you put yours in a pan at all during the smoking process?
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I put the meat directly on the grate.

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