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First Brisket Using AMNPS and Injection

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Ive post a number of brisket smokes on this forum now. Any of you that have read them my remember that I don't to much to the brisket before I toss them in my MES 40. I keep is simple and easy. I typically just rub the meat.  Never marinating or injecting. 

I'm switching it up a bit one this 14 pounder:

1. I'm using my new toy the AMNPS. 

2. I'm injecting the beef with beef broth and some of my favorite cooking spices. 

Other than that I'm using the same rub mix that I've posted in the BEEF forum before. Packer cut brisket . No trimming of fat before the smoke.  


I put this 14 pounder on at 10 pm last night. Set the MES 40 at 225.  It has now been on for  almost 11 hours.  Internal temp of the beef is now 162.



A perfect burn on the AMNPS.  What a great little addition to the MES. 


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looks good.

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Looks mighty fine...............

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Sure looks good..... you gonna impress the family!

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We are at 178 right now. Not quite done. The meat is still a bit too  firm. Going to take it up to 185 IT. Then wrap.  15 hours so far. 

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I like to use the toothpick test for doneness. I usually start probing around 185* IT. When it inserts into multiple places without any resistance then it's ready to pull off and wrap for the rest.
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What? No Poultry????

Looks good Brian!!!
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Afternoon Dave

Im off the birds for a bit. The smoker was growing feathers.  ....Although I did make FoamHearts Gumbo last night and thew a few chicken thighs in the pot... But not sure if that really counts. 439.gif


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It looks good. Your going to love your AMNPS. I also use the toothpick test as mentioned above.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks David.

Yup I do just about the same thing.  Y'all have a great Sunday!



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