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Venison to pork ratio

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I am going to try to make some venison summer sausage would 10lbs of venison and 5 lbs of pork butt be the correct ration of venison to pork for the sausage.



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Personally I like 70% venison - 20% ground chuck - 10% pork butt

Many people will just go 30-50% pork but I find the beef to be closer to the taste of venison personally and I want the venison taste to be most prominent

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I've been using 50/50 mix for years and it always turns out great. I use pure venison no fat at all and ground pork shoulder/butt and get great results everytime.
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I use 1 lb of Pork Butt for every  3lbs of Venison.  You can always add some extra  pork fat or beef fat  depending on your taste preference.

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