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My first fatty attempt w/Qview

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Here is my first fatty attempt.  I just put it in the smoker about 25 minutes ago.  I think I might have filled it with too much goodness.  Then again I was putting it together last night at midnight after having been to a baseball game and a few brews.  We'll see how it goes.


Inside is hash browns, onion, green pepper, cheese, and scrambled eggs.



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Looks good so far!  Please keep the qview coming!



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First thing I learned is next time I won't use the thick bacon.  Looks like I'm going to have to crisp it up in the broiler.

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Here is the finished product. Right off the smoker.



After I crisped the bacon some in the broiler.


Inside views.



Definitely next time the thin bacon will be the one to use.

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I don't have any pics, but I ran into exactly the same thing the other day. The thick bacon was mostly done on the outside but a bit under cooked on the fatty side. 


Great job! Imagine the next one, lol! 

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Looks fantastic!  I like the idea of using hashbrowns in the filling.  Bet that was a delicious meal.


Great job!


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  That's a great looking fattie! Nice pics.



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That looks perfect, my mouths watering just looking at it.



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Nice tight weave. looks great

happy smoken.


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I agree with Mule... excellent weave! I usually use the cheaper bacon.. cause I think it crisp s' better even in rhe low heat of the smoker... either way you got it down now!
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Very nice, I had the problem of over filling on my first attempts too. And your weave is perfect. Good job and good pics.
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