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5lb chicken first time =problems help!

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Planned on a 5lb chicken taking 6 hours at 200 degrees. Boy was I wrong. Stalled at 147 degrees for 2 hours at the 8 hour mark and it finally broke the stall at ten hours only peeked once and that was at the ten hour mark to put another temp probe in to ensure accuracy. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal? Had to have a ham sandwich instead of fresh chicken for supper.
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  You never know about a whole piece of neat. How did it turn out after the long smoke?



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It's still going. When I took a peak at ten hour s it looked delicious it's still only at 154 now.
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You should have cooked that bird at 250° at least, 300° would have been better. You have probably run afoul of the 4 hour, 140° food safety rule. IMHO you should not take a chance eating it, you may get sick.

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Never heard of a yard bird taking 10+ hours. Poultry is not like pork where you smoke it low and slow. For poultry, you want to smoke it at a higher temperature. I generally shoot for 300*. Slow cooked poultry will generally come out mushy.
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Yikes! Are you sure that your smokers therm is accurate? Even at 200* (which is too low) your bird shouldn't have taken that long. I used to smoke my poultry low and slow, smoker temps 225*-250*. Now I do all my poultry at 275*-325*.
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Wow, I've never had a bird take that long, even in the MES where the max temp I can get is 260*. I spatch mine so they won't take as long. 

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I am thinking temp problem. it is ether colder in the smoker than you think. or the IT of the chicken is hotter than you think. i would check my thermometers.

Happy smoken.


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I concur , I feel you did the cook at too low a temp.


In my experience , a Spatched  Chicken shoould (even at 5#) should be done in 3hrs. You'll need to lean toward safety and take the wife.gif wrath of the Wife.


Suggestion . . . Get the less expencive Leg/Thigh pieces and practice doing them a few times to get your feel of the smoker. An cook at higher temps. likke 275*F to 300*F. A much better experience...


Have fun and as always . . .

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Never smoke chicken that low a temp. Crank it up to 275 to 300 its not going to be tough and you can get it done in 4 to 5 hrs and get a crispy skin to boot..

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