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brisket prices

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i went to a meat market and was told 10-12 lb brisket was $4.99/lb. seems a lil pricey to me even though ive never baught one. where can i buy mine? i live in south fl. whats a good price, and what should i look for? thanks

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I'm seeing prices going Sky high too icon_eek.gif. My solution , get friendly with the Mkt. Mgr. , and find out when the mark down is , and be there when he does it,can save half at times...


If I see other people waiting for something to happen at the Meat counter, watch out --I'm a big Boy and it was MY idea icon_exclaim.gifROTF.gif

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I got mine last week at Sam's Club for $2.99 a was an Angus....and was great!  Check Sam's or Costco!



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I paid $1.77 per pound at Walmart in the Fort Worth, Tx area yesterday for a 13 Lb. packer brisket. It was just under $2.00 a pound a couple of weeks ago at Walmart. Costco and Sam's are usually in the $2.25-2.50 range around here. 


The Walmart brisket was as good as any I've bought at Costco.

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On sale I paid $1.99 for cert. angus..still too scared to smoke it. 30.gif

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Here in Amarillo Texas close to Hereford aka "beef country" ...yea right give me a break! Anyway, another story another time I can get a full packer for 2.19lb for select I think choice is like 2.29 prime is like 2.49 I believe maybe a little more but when they go on sale you can get brisket for .99 lb that's when I buy 10 o them at 10-12 bucks a pop!!!
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im with backwoods...when we have sales here i can get 14-16#packers for about $11/ea. talka bout score.
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Yep. I will grind up about 3 then freeze the other 7 for holiday smokes!
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