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Storing wood

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I live in a normal rural neighborhood with a small yard. I just bought my first house months ago and my wife bought me a lang 48 patio for my birthday (so excited). Any advice on storing wood that will be delivered? I fear of introducing pest to my home.
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I store the wood for my Lang along the fence line away from the house.  I also have the wood stacked on a cut down pallet to keep it up off the ground. Cut the pallet to fit the length of your wood (usually delivered wood is cut in 18 inch lengths). Re-enforce this new edge with scrap 2X4. If the pallet is big enough I'll re-enforce the other new edge and use one cut down pallet for stacking my heating wood and use the other for stacking my flavor wood (apple, cherry, pecan etc.

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And, leave the stack exposed so air can circulate....  maybe something over the top to keep rain off, but air circulation is very important....  Without air, the wood will mold, mildew and all that bad stuff.... 



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Yep ^^^^^

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Spend $30 on a moisture meter.  If the moisture content is above 20%, try to stack the wood in a sunny spot.  If in the teens, store it wherever you want and put a cover over it so it doesn't rot.  If the pieces are thick, consider splitting it to the diameter of an orange.  It will dry faster and burn cleaner.  I have pecan from last year that still hits 20% moisture when it test after splitting to a usable size.  Clean smoke is good smoke.

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