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An odd pizza I make - Page 2

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my wife loves pickles on her pizza all the time

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I have been eating dill pickles on pizza since I dated a girl who worked at a pizza place. I bet that is one hell of pie.

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I am not a big fan of sauerkraut but if I had a slice of that pizza in front of me I would give it a try.

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Originally Posted by SQWIB View Post

Wow and I thought my pizza was crazy, DUDE, that sounds good to me!


My Favorite

Hawaiian Pizza with Hot Peppers and Anchovies, whenever my wife order this, they ask if she's pregnant.

That sounds pretty dang good, I like all those things separately so I am sure they are good on a single pizza.

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I tired another one this weekend and didn't pre cook the sausage this time and the flavor of the sausage was definitely a little more bold, I will continue to do it this way from now on thanks for the tip.

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Nice! drool.gif
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Your very welcome.  It made a big difference in the pizza that I make also.


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I'm going to try that one!  My daughter might even like it.  She is a pickle freak.  I just won't tellher about the saur Kraut.  It sounds like a nice combo.

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Sounds Good to Me!

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