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First time smoking Tri Tip, Third time smoking meat.

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I just put some dry rub on 3 tri tips and put them in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap going to smoke 1 and grill the other 2. i am planning on using cherry wood. from what i have searched for it says that cherry is good for beef. I'm using a charbroil H2O electric smoker. the first time i used it i didn't know what i was doing and how the smoking was supposed to work. so i put a ton of chips in and had lots of smoke. made spare ribs and they had way to much smoke flavor to them. so i tried again and used a small amount of wood chips and they turned out a lot better. so this will be my third attempt and I'm a little nervous about it. we're having family over for Mother's day and this is going to be one of the choices to eat (smoked or grilled). any suggestions are more then welcome.

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You wanna really wow em? Smoke the tri-tip and then throw it on the super hot grill over direct heat to sear it on each side. This is called reverse searing. Keep in mind it's cooking while it sears so pull from the smoker  a few degrees sooner than you normally would.


Take lots of pics.

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Hope everything came out great Jerry grilling_smilie.gif

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Hey Jerry hope the tritips came out great for you


Please do us a favor and swing by Roll Call and introduce yourself 

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Well everyone loved the Tri Tip. I think i need to replace my thermometer though. I pulled it oit pf the smoker when it hit 145 degrees. And let it rest for a good 20 minutes before slicing it. It eas medium well to well done. Maybe need a better temp guage for the smoker as well. I only took a picture of it pre-smoker. Didn't feel it was good enoigh for a post smoker picture. Sorry all.
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Jerry, all smokes are worthy of pics and glad everyone liked them. Check the therms and make sure they are accurate. Sounds like you might have been running a bit hot on the smoker. 

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Unless you prefer your Beef well done it is best to pull the meat at an IT of no more than 130*F and counter rest 30 minutes, (120*F if you will be foiling and holding it awhile). It will carryover another 10-15* and you will end up with Medium Beef...JJ

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