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Nice work, looks good from the pics.  Thanks for sharing.

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That's a great looking piece of meat. Thanks for sharing the details. I'm smoking my first brisket this week.

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it is a good looking brisket 

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Originally Posted by PhilH View Post

We had a great time last night & everybody seemed to love the Brisket. It was done late.. lol We ate at about 9:30. It was worth the wait..


Since it was taking it extra long to cook I separated the flat from the point. Something I just about never do.. But it did speed things up & the meat was still moist..


I usually cook to temp but my probe went haywire. My smoker was cranking out 235* but my meat probe went from 172* to 153*.. I stuck the probe in at multiple places & got the same readings.. As you can see by the pictures that meat was nowhere at that temp.. It was done.. If not a little overdone.. But I like it that way..


Here are the pics.. Sorry about the presentation but people were on my butt about getting the meat out. They were hungry.. lol












It sure was good. Gonna have sliced brisket sammies for lunch... drool.gif




Holy smoke ring, Batman!

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icon14.gif looks great drool.gif

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