Smoked Brisket For Horeshoe Party.. Heavy Q-View

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  1. Last month we cooked 4 briskets for our 25th wedding anniversary party..

    This month we decided to have a horseshoe throwing party since that was such a big hit last month.. I asked everybody what they wanted me to bring (or I should say they asked what they could bring).. I asked them if they wanted me to smoke again & everybody said they wanted me to smoke a brisket..

    Kind of makes you feel good when people like your eats.. lol

    We are not having near the people we had last month - just a couple of families & their kids. So I got a 15 lb full packer from Wally World.. It fit the rack on my Masterbuilt Propane XL with out a problem.. I just hope I get it on early enough for the party tomorrow.. We had a storm here earlier that dumped .36 inches of rain in a half hour.. Not a lot of rain but enough to make things messy..

    The pictures explain things better so I guess I should post them.. Gonna be an all nighter with Mr. Bud Light.. lol


    It's been raining so I placed the sending unit to my meat probe in a ziplock bag. This unit is for the ambient temp in the smoker.


    This is one of the mods I did to this smoker. I replaced the factory Temp gauge with a after market one. This gauge is within a degree or two of my temp probe inside. Makes things easier..


    Used a clothes pin to hold the temp probe off of the top grate. Works very well..


    The other mod I did to this smoker is to use a 10 inch cast iron skillet for the wood chunks. They smoke nice & slow this way. Plus for all night smokes I like to add the water pan from my MES 40. That way I'm less likely to run out of water..


    While the smoker is pre-heating here is the label for the brisket.. A big one.. lol


    When I cut the freeze wrap off of this brisket it was fresh.. It had plenty of red blood coming out.. Smelled really good..


    As you can see the brisket fit on the rack.. Barely...


    OK - All seasoned up & ready to go.. I used Sea Salt & Coarse Ground Black Pepper.. Bunch of pepper.. The brisket was too big to use a cookie sheet to season it on, so I used a strip of Butcher paper instead. It works really well for cleanup..


    Smoker is now ready.. Sitting at about 229* and TBS.. Hope the weather holds..

    If you are still reading then thanks... Sorry for all of the pics..

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  2. so ms smoker

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      "Sorry for all the pics" ???  That is what we live for! Well, other than a regional gathering! Then back to the pics! Can;t wait for the finished product!

  3. bruno994

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    Settle in for this one, gonna be a slow ride.  Off to a great start.
  4. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Not a lot of rain? That sounds like a serious flood!

    The brisket is looking good and sounds like you have a good plan. Keep the pics coming!
  5. Well this is Texas after all.. Takes a butt load of rain to make it muddy..

    But seriously.. It's been so dry that after it stopped it dried all up..
  6. I'll take finished pics this time.. I promise..
    Finally got the temp stable at 232*.. Time to lay down for awhile.. But I have the low temp & high temp alarms set.. More pics in the morning..

  7. One question though.. Where is Buna Texas?
  8. jrod62

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    Looking good so far. Will check back and see how it turns out
  9. ellymae

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    $2.18/pound?? I am so jealous!

    Looks like a good start.
  10. bruno994

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    Wal-Mart down here has been having full packers for $2.18 per pound.  About a month ago, I picked up 4 for $1.97 per pound, good time to stock the freezer up. 

    Buna is in Southeast Texas, about 35 miles North of Beaumont and 30 miles west of the Texas / Louisiana border. 
  11. Well it's been 11 hours since the meat was put into the smoker. The temp in the smoker was a little low at 214* but that's ok.. I bumped it back up a little. After taking the pics I inserted the meat probe. It said we were at 147* in the thickest part of the meat. Got a ways to go.. lol

    To bruno994 - I know where you are.. Thanks for the reply. I also bought 4 of those briskets on sale at Wal-mart last month. They sure were good..

    Here are the pics..



    Looking good so far..

  12. That Looks Good! Ive got a Brisket rolling in the smoke right now. I hope it comes out looking like that!    Thanks for the pics.
  13. 18 hours 44 minutes in & up to 172* IT.. Gonna be cutting it close.. Smoker temp is 236*..
  14. I'm sure it will... If not then please ask & plenty of people on here will be willing to help..
  15. Do you smoke your briskets with the fat side down (the pics look like its that way) ?

    Can't wait to see the money shot !
  16. 19 Hours in & decided to take a couple of pics..


  17. I'm sorry I missed your post.

    I do smoke my briskets fat side down. Guess I buck the trend of cooking it fat side up. I used to do it that way but I do prefer the fat down. The brisket is still moist.. I like alot of pepper, and seasoning the meat directly & not through the fat seems to work better for me. I hope that made sense..

    I'll be sure & take pics when I slice this monster..

  18. We had a great time last night & everybody seemed to love the Brisket. It was done late.. lol We ate at about 9:30. It was worth the wait..

    Since it was taking it extra long to cook I separated the flat from the point. Something I just about never do.. But it did speed things up & the meat was still moist..

    I usually cook to temp but my probe went haywire. My smoker was cranking out 235* but my meat probe went from 172* to 153*.. I stuck the probe in at multiple places & got the same readings.. As you can see by the pictures that meat was nowhere at that temp.. It was done.. If not a little overdone.. But I like it that way..

    Here are the pics.. Sorry about the presentation but people were on my butt about getting the meat out. They were hungry.. lol






    It sure was good. Gonna have sliced brisket sammies for lunch... [​IMG]

  19. That my friend is one NICE looking smoke ring!  Bet that was some good eats!
  20. whittling chip

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    That is fantastic. I love the ring and the color. I don't have the guts to try the size of brisket that you smoked! I've only done brisket a few times and they sure didn't compare to yours.

    I even scratched my monitor and sniffed and thing your post smelled better than mine :)

    Thanks for posting!


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