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8LBS Brisket Flat

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Well second smoke on my WSM, a brisket flat from Sam's.  Started WSM last night around 7pm, and put brisket on at 8pm.  Pulled this morning at 8am with internal temp of 192F; turned out fantastic.  I used cherry and mesquite wood chunks and did not foil, just let her run.  This was one of the best tasting smokes I have done.  I was really nervous about it being too dry but it turned out great.  I used sand in the water pan this time instead of water this time; but I seemed to have problems holding temp.  It peaked at 300F at about 1am, I had all the bottom vents closed and ended up turning the top vent partially closed.  I was hoping to keep it around 225F, but it still turned out good.  I am wondering if I did not start out with too many lit coals, I used about 3/4 of a chimney of lit?  But the WSM ran all night and still have coals left over this morning.  Thanks for looking!  






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Looks like it turned out awesome!

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Looks like it turned out great - congrats 

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looks tasty to me!!

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Looks good , and a good Smoke ring too... isn't it nice to have good Bark ?


Yes , less fuel to start, you can always add more.

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It great to have good bark.  I used the smokenator in a Weber kettle before, which stuff turned out good, but never got good bark; the WSM has exceeded my expectations.  I will use less fuel to start next time.  

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