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Homemade Sausage Stuffer

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I though you guys might be interested in this. I was searching on and came across an awesome how to on making your own Sausage Stuffer and it looks pretty easy.

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Interesting post, thanks...My only concern is, so many people strip metal gears stuffing sausage, I wonder how long the top piece of WOOD will hold the Threads that were tapped in to run the Piston down. Seems like a steel bar may be a more durable choice...JJ

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At least use 1/4" or 3/8" steel flat bar stock instead of wood.  I know ipe is dense, but steel is stronger and would be easier to clean and sanitize also. The threads would be less prone to strip out in steel also.

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I am very concerned about using wood.... It is a sponge for contamination..... I made made a stuffer with a wood base that was partially laminated... Went to the bathroom a lot if you know what I mean................Good Idea though................



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I was concerned about the wood also. I am glad to see all of you share my concerns about the wood, I was thinking of using the fake plastic wood that they use for decking but further on further thought metal would be better.

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