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smoking fish?

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Has anyone ever tried smoking a thick white fish, like cod. Can it be done. If so how do i do it. Thanks

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rj, morning....  White fish like cod or walleye or bass has such a delicate "non" flavor (as compared to salmon) the smoke wood choice would have to be very mild... IMHO... Maybe brine with a little garlic, onion and form a good pellicle.... then a light smoke at 225 for an hour until the fish reaches about 145....   You could baste the pellicle with clarified butter or Ghee to add some oil.... 

Don't really know for sure... Never done cod before....  Just putting together something I would try for my first cod smoke...

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Hey Dave,thanks for the response.ya i know cod is delicate.I usually cook it in not a big fan of salmon.what do you think about smoking tuna?
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rj,  What variety of tuna ??? 


bbq'd albacore belly was the best fish I ever ate.....  We caught albies off the Oregon coast and canned the loins and bbq'd the bellies at cocktail hour.... maybe that is why they were so good.... Beer.gif... 

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Albacore tuna it would be.I grill it a lot and its amazing.just wondering how it would be smoked.Dave every time you barbecue ,you just got to have a cocktail or two,or three.....
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