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My New Arsenal!!

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Just got my new stuffer and grinder!  I actually got the grinder last week and did 13 lbs of italian sausage with it!  It was awesome!  Much easier than the KA!!  UPS dropped off the stuffer today!  I will let you know how the stuffer works! 






Here's some grilled italian sausage from the grinder's maiden voyage!


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congrats on the new equipment BF..... addiction is inevitable.........................icon14.gif



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Nice buy! You gonna have to make moreof everything just because its easier now.

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Nice looking stuffer and grinder, way to go and congrats!

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Start ya some grinding and stuffing.

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Its all downhill from here, sausage junky, happy stuffing!

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You will be very happy!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Congrats on some fine equipment hope you get lots of use out of it

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Congrats on the new are hooked now! I have the #8 Grinder and 5 lb stuffer and love both!

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Great Score!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Man it looks like you are ready to be a sausage makin fool - Congrats

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You can tolerate a cheap grinder, but a cheap stuffer is forever a PITA.
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