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I actually had a free weekend from work and school so I decided it was time to smoke some ribs and make sauce. ribsnsauce.jpg

Spare ribs and sauce Left to right (spicy bourbon, sweet bourbon, blueberry, and Carolina mustard)

The the bourbon and mustard sauce is from recipes I found on SMF. The blueberry sauce is a little different rendition of a raspberry sauce I found in a cook book I have.


Also I just received my AMNPS and will be trying my hand at cheese this weekend.


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Good lookin grub there.  I like a nice selection of sauces as well.

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Lookin good!


What is on the right?  Would be awfully meaty for ribs?


Good luck and good smoking.

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There all ribs.  Just some spare ribs I picked up at the local butcher shop.  That one had a nice thick meaty end on it.

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Good looking ribs!

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