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Need parts?

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Hope you can help me I have a great smoker a gas Smoke Hollow vertical one but, The door keeps falling off I can not believe it since I paid about 300 for it and Those people at G.... Mtn are the worse place I have ever bought anything. I tried putting washers that would not hold it. Any suggestions?

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First, welcome to SMF.  When you have a chance, please go over to the Roll Call section and introduce yourself to the whole community.


What exactly is the problem with your smoker?  I have a GOSM but I'm not sure what going on with yours.



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Whoops, I see you have a Smoke Hollow not a GOSM.  In any case, what exactly is the problem?



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Post some pics if possible Might help understand whats going on. I know the door's falling off but how. what is going on, when does it do this etc.

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