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wicked1, morning....  I broke the gear housing and ruined the gears on brides KA mixer...  It is an easy fix.... Here is my fix.... if you have any questions I'm glad to help....   Dave


Where I got parts....

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I started with my KA 6qt and it grinds pretty well but became quickly dissatisfied with the stuffing portion.  I ended up breaking a gear on my KA when a bone shard went through the grinder so I ended up buying a 3/4hp grinder and 5lb stuffer from Norther Tool.  Works so much better and faster, but the KA is a good start.


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I have a KA Grinder attachment, and use it for grinding 3# - 5# of meat

For larger batches, I pull out my 5/8 hp #12 grinder


Stuffing can be done, but a dedicated stuffer will make life a heck of a lot easier.  Northern Tool just had a 5# stuffer on sale for $79

I also have a  20# Cabelas Stuffer with electric motor.  It great for larger batches, but a 5# stuffer would be very handy for small batches




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Terry - if you have not found the tubes yet send me a PM - I have a new set in a box still that I can send ya for the cost of postage 

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Terry - if you have not found the tubes yet send me a PM - I have a new set in a box still that I can send ya for the cost of postage 

Scarbelly... thanks for the offer. I would of done it but I found a set for $9.00 just the other day. I am doing research now for some beef sticks to "pop" my Cherry... lol

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KA is a fine grinder for the average homeowner,havent tried the stuffer tho.....

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If your doing 5lb or so batches there is no better. I still use it for small batches. Bigger ones are more work to clean. After I started making batches constantly over 10-15 lbs I bought a turbo electric grinder. Stuffers on any grinder are all the same. They serve the purpose well, but I use a cast iron enterprise now and love it. To stuff on a grinder I always had to regrind or mix when stuffing. People tended to look down on me using the KA and I really never understood it or cared. You use what you have the best you can.
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We grind all our meat here on the trusty KA.


Also the older ones if you can find one are better made,my newest is a 1970's the MIL gave us,its a workhorse. The 5 lbs at a time comment is spot on,thats right in its power zone.


If we did more,I'd upgrade for sure.

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Well I also had full intentions of using it when I bought it. So I bought the biggest and best. But my wife loves and uses it all the time. So that alone made it worth it. And as my smoker and things are my bragging things a women with an expensive mixer that she loves is her's.Did I mention she is a great cook and Baker.
Now what they say is true. After 30 years I wiped out two gears(metal) by trying to push too much fatback thru when not real cold. It jammed it up and that was it. learned freeze fat some and make sure that stringy stuff isnt there. LOL But I really dont see the fuss. The parts are easy obtainable and pretty cheap. And easy to replace. After 30 years the best grinders have problems. Also used the stuffer and it works fine. When you use a grinder to stuff they all work the same. Even the big ones. Your regrinding meat,stuffing at the same time. What does people expect? If you use just a stuffer. Your meat remains at what ever consisity you started with. This isnt rocket science although some seem to feel it is. Simply stated it takes longer to regrind ground meat then lump meat. But its all good! So enjoy and do it how you like. Oh im sure if you stay into it you'll upgrade some day. Just dont be in a big hurry and you will learn what works best for you. Maybe Im just wierd, but whats good for others isn't all ways best for me. biggrin.gif
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