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Smoking Wings for the Christmas party

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Howdy all,


I got a quick question. I am smoking about 10 lbs of chicken wings tonight for the office party tomorrow. I want to ask what is the best way to store them? Should I heat them up in the morning before I go to work and put them in a cooler with the old blanket and towel routine? Will that keep them warm ? Or will they get all sweaty and soft? I have not done this before so I was hoping someone could help me here.


I  was gonna put them in an aluminum foil tray and cover them with foil. Unfortunately I don't have a stove at work. Any suggestions?



and Happy Holidays.




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I'd use a crock pot.

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Heat your wings and put them into the foil pan when good and hot. Double wrap with foil to help retain the heat in the pan. 

Get a large cooler - put a piece of wood on the bottom and heat up 6-8 bricks in the oven at about 250 - put the bricks on the wood and cover with towels then put the foil pan in the cooler and fill all the voids with towels - They should be fine until noontime.  If it is later in the day this won't work. I have done this numerous times and it has worked well 

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I love cold wings!

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pan and foil and warm in oven

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