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Shrinkage % Reduction Chart

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This is what i use when i get rocket scientist thinking....HAHA


Product                                                        % Of Gain                            % Of Shrinkage

Summer Sausage W/ Pork added                       143%                                           0%

Summer Sausage Beef added                             143%                                           0%

Salami                                                               143%                                           0%

SS W/Cheese                                                     160%                                           0%

Old Style SS                                                       143%                                           0%   

Jalapeno SS                                                        143%                                           0%

Jalapeno SS W/Hot Pepper Cheese                       160%                                           0%

Ring Bologna                                                        143%                                           0%

Cajun Ring                                                            157%                                           0%

Bologna or Salami                                                  143%                                           0%

Sticks                                                                   143%                                           20%

Sticks W/Cheese                                                   160%                                           20%

Sticks W/Japs/Hot Pep Cheese                               160%                                          20%

Sticks W/ Garlic/Onion                                           150%                                          20%

Pepperoni Sticks                                                    143%                                          20%

Hot Chipotle Lime Sticks                                         143%                                          20%     

Landjaeger                                                             143%                                          10%

Smoked Brats                                                        167%                                           10%     

Smoked Brats W/Cheese                                        193%                                           10%

Fresh Brats                                                             167%                                            0%

Green Pepper & Onion Brats                                    182%                                            0%

Fresh Brats after cooking will have 10% shrinkage

Polish Sausage                                                       167%                                           10%

Seasoned Breakfast Patties                                     167%                                             0%

Brat Patties                                                             167%                                            0%

Fresh Rope Sausage                                                167%                                            0%

Breakfast Link Sausage                                            167%                                           10%

Smoked Link                                                            167%                                           10%

Ground & Formed Jerky                                             100%                                           45%

Solid Strip Jerky                                                        100%                                           60%

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Excellent info.


I will be doing a measure on Canadian Bacon with the leaner end of the pork loin in about a week (curing now).  I don't think there will be a lot of loss as compared to the cured weight?  Then again, who knows?  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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I forgot something



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Interesting Rick!

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Things that make you go UUMMMmmm

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I guess I'm not the shiniest apple in this bushel so would you please explain this table?



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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post



I guess I'm not the shiniest apple in this bushel so would you please explain this table?



Based on 10 lb batches.


The gain % is what you will have when you add the cut in for lean to fat ratio. Just somethin i played around with. Other user amounts will vary.

Shrinkage % is what will occur after smoking.

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Ok I understand the shrinkage  Thanks


The first part   "When you add the cut in for lean to fat ratio.   Your first entry   Summer Sausage with pork added 143%  Does that mean the total weight of the sausage after adding fat it 143% higher then before you added the fat?     If you had a sausage mixture that weighed 1 lb and added the fat required by the recipe the mixture would weigh 1.43 lbs?


That would explain why jerky doesn't change  there is no fat.


Thanks Nepas, that can be a helpful chart

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You have way too much time on your hands LOL great chart would have never thought of that, good job.

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And I thought "Shinkage" only occurred in cold weather!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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nepas, morning........  This entire tutorial had me confused me UNTIL !!!!! .... my high school math resurfaced in my P brain... DUH... 


Now tell me if I am correct on this assumption....  100# / meat... additions of fat/protein/spices/etc = 143# total weight.....  43# additions / 143# total weight = 30% fat and additions to the meat ???


Is this the new math, I missed out on ?  I had one heck of a time trying to figure out how to help the kids with their math...  good thing we are not discussing "string theory".... 

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