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First Smoke in MES 30

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First Smoke
Ham, Cabbage, Onion and Sweet Potato
Topped off with my Home Brewed Cold Lager Beer
total time 5 hours
Used Mesquite Wood chips
Smoked @ 220*F to the internal temperature of 145*F
I wrapped the potato, onion and cabbage in foil as I didn't want them smoked
Ham was tender, juicy and great flavor
Cabbage, Sweet Potato and Onions all turn out perfect
Ham was cooked 4 hours and vegetables 5 hours
Overall I think it was a great smoke
Pictures Of Smoke On my Website
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Very nice Jim

Congrats on a job well done drool.gificon14.gif

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Looks good !

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Nice plate of food!


Great job with your trial run!

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Excellent lookin job there.

All the food looks very good.


Happy Smokin'



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Looks good! That is a favorite combo of meat and veg!...JJ

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