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Thanksgiving Brisket with Q-view

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


I am thankful that I found this site with all the helpful posts to help me do my first brisket.


Now on with the show!!


I started this brisket off using the brisket maranade and rub reciepies that was on the wiki here on this site.  I placed the flat in the maranade for 6 hours and then placed the rub on and set for another 2 hours before placing it in my CJES.  At 5:45pm I placed my 6 pound flat in at 250F and started adding my wood chips.  5 hours later I was at 160F so I foiled and went to bed.  Alarm woke me at 4:30 and I found that the flat was at 195F, so I went back in for an hour and slept till the internal temp was 205F.  I placed the foiled pan in the oven to rest and after 2 hours I started cutting.  It was perfect, the end was still able to slice with just a few pieces falling apart.  The brisket was a success, in my book anyway. 


Thanks again for all the info that you are willing to share!


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seems you are on the right track.

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It looks delicious, I love the bark on that baby!!!

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That is a great looking brisket 

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Congrats on your first brisky, you did a great job icon14.gif


That bark is awesome

Thanks for posting your Qview


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Looks nice and juicy. I'll take a slice for sure.

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Very nice job!  Great bark on that brisket.  Could me a plate??  drool.gif

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Thanks all, the in-laws loved it so much they want me to smoke some deer roasts for!!

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