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Newbie smokin' first brisket

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Hi all, my name is Gary and I'm new here at the forum. I've been smoking meat, poultry, fish for about 20 years basically trying to teach myself trial and error. I just found out about this great forum and all the info here! Well lately I've been smoking some steelhead in my little chief smoker and they were good as can be. For the last few years I haven't been smoking as much as I'd like to since I got rid of my old Brinkmann kettle (sorry excuse). Well about a month ago I found a Brinkmann charcoal vertical smoker ( the cheap one) paid $40 with a 20 lb. bag of Kingsford and a couple bags of hickory and apple chunks, so what the heck I couldn't go wrong (plus he had modified the charcoal pan and had

put an insulater hot water heater blanket on the unit). Well it's getting cold up here in N. Idaho and I was having problems controlling the temp on longer cooks although I did smoke up some tasty pork butt and some awesome beef back ribs, used Stubbs charcoal and this stuff is pretty good imo beats Kingsford hands down, couldn't find my favorite Royal Oak. OK so I figure if I want to continue smoking tasty bbq thoughout the fall and winter I need gas or electric. So I'm leaning towards gas, I keep checking craiglist everyday and then I find what I'm looking for, GOSM older stainless steel model (a plus) after a little negotiating I picked it up for $95 with half full tank and nice weather proof cover. This thing is super nice condition and well seasoned is a plus IMO. Made some pork spareribs on it that day with applewood yum!

Well I'm trying my first brisket right now! I bought a nice 4lb. point with a great fat cap , I did not want to try a 14 pounder right off, also have some nice beef back ribs on there. I used the cowboy rub from grill mates on the brisket, wrapped it up in plasic wrap for 36 hours and now it's been on the GOSM for 5 hours, smoking with apple and cherry chunks at 225 degrees and holding in low 40's temps here in beautiful north Idaho, beautiful dark burgundy color on both pieces of meat, btw I mop the meat with 3 to 1 apple cider /olive oil every 1.5 hours or so, can't wait but I'll have to, ohh!

Thanks for letting me share, great forum!

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welcome to the forums gary.. your gonna love it here.. Everybody here is very freindly and eager to help out.. But I must tell you that we all LOVE Q-view. If you have a camera MAKE SURE you take plenty of pics and post em in your threads..

good luck with your Brisket and It sounds like you scored a really good deal
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Sounds good so far, welcome to the forum.

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First off welcome Gary to SMF. You'll like this place for there are alot of folks here that would just love to help you with just about anything to do with smoking meat. You will find alot of good recipes and techniques here also. so with all that said:


Welcome to your new Addiction

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!


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Welcome to SMFa nd good smokes.

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welcome1.gif  So glad you joined everyone is so great here and very helpful.  Have you considered getting an electric smoker?  I have a Cajun Injection Smoker we bought on Amazon.  It is supposed to work at even 20 degrees.  Smoker does a great keeping an even consisent temperature even one day when the door didn't get shut tight.   I live in Vegas so I really don't have the opportunity to try it out.  But all summer and fall it has worked great.  I just thought I would offer that info since you live in cold country.  It is not to expensive.


I deleted pictures on my lap top that I have of the smoker but if you look at my earlier posts you can see it.  It has built in digtal temp for smoker and temp probefor internal meat temperature.  


Welcome and great smoking,

 Smokin Vegas

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Welcome to SMF, and happy smokin'. Can't wait to see some Qview!!



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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Well the brisket came out ok but a bit on the dry side, still good eatin'. Sorry no pics. I did some baby backs last night and they came out great. Will post some qview on the pork forum here.

Thanks again, seems like some great folks here!

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Hello to another Idaho Smokerwelcome1.gif Tell us what you did as far as the brisket goes & I am sure someone will chime in with some valuable help to make the next one turn out more to your liking. This is a great bunch & there is a tremendous amount of Q knowledge as well as smoker modifying and building know how......Tom in Boise

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Welcome to the family!


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welcome to the forum its great here

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Welcome aboard!


Briskies can not only be tricky, but they can vary from one to the next.


Many don't, but I sometimes foil mine with a little liquid.  If you don't, I like pit temps in the 220 range for longer periods.


Also, we almost always cook to the internal temp of the meat, lower for slicing and higher for pulling.  This one is different for me.  I will hit it with a temp probe or a tooth pick.  If the probe goes in like a knife through hot butter, I will pull it then rather than risking drying it out.


Just one guy's approach, however.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Well I don't think I did anything wrong except that the old meat thermometer I was using is shot. Would appreciate any advice on this, I was looking at the Maverick remote digital thermometers and this looks like the way to go, accurate temps for meat and smoking chamber seems like the way to go.

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Originally Posted by smokininidaho View Post

Well I don't think I did anything wrong except that the old meat thermometer I was using is shot. Would appreciate any advice on this, I was looking at the Maverick remote digital thermometers and this looks like the way to go, accurate temps for meat and smoking chamber seems like the way to go.

You hit It right on the head... Mavs are the only way to go.. If you get ahold of Todd (he's a member here) at http://www.amazenproducts.com/ he has the Mavs and the AMNPS (cold smoker) and I believe he has some kinda deal on them right now.. GL
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welcome what part of Idaho?? I'm in Lewiston great to have you here.


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Wish we had some pics of the Brisky th_crybaby2.gif

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This site has tons of info.

I suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

Ask questions and use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!

Take the awesome free E-Course!!!

Have a great day!!!



      Make bacon the easy way!!




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Thanks all, did the free ecourse and it's very good info. I'm in Post Falls Idaho and getting a little cold here, for my fellow Idahoan from Lewiston just wondering if you have gone fishing for those steelhead that are running now? I have a friend down there right now and whatever he brings back he said he'd give me half his catch if I smoke the other half for him, so of course I said done deal. Will brine and then smoke them in my Little Chief with some alder, yumm!

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havent went yet still chasing the white tail (wife around the house) hunting has been poor LOL     they just got done with derby here and they did well I will be going first of Dec when the rock I sit on will be nice and cold,

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