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ATB's, It's What's for Supper!

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After dropping my son off at college, I needed some comfort food.  Not the 30 plus ATB's many of you's just the two of us, but ATB's, NY strip steak and corn on the cob makes me happy.





Using two of my three smoking devises is always fun!  One of these days, I'll have them all going at once.



Dinner is served.


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Nothing like some good old smokey comfort food!

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Thats a real nice lunch. It all looks just great.

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Looks Great!icon14.gif

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ABT's are one of my Favorite, Beer Drinkin' munchies...The only thing is I'm the only one in my family that eats them!...Silly Family!nana2.gif...JJ

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Nothing wrong there

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food looks amazing.. Nice job bet it was tasty..

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nice lookn meal thumb1.gif

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Looks great Man!

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