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"Thanks everyone, I've been relying on the gauge on the pit itself.  Sounds like it is time to invest in a digital thermometer to ensure I am at the right temperature.  Thanks for all the input, I'll update with the next batch (hopefully next weekend)."



     The only time I have ever had "tough" ribs was when I didn't get them quite done. And that was due to a bad thermometer. Speaking of which.... I have never seen an accurate thermometer from the factory installed in the smoker. They are always off ...... I had one that was off by 54 degrees. So beat feet down to your closest kitchen supply (or Amazon.com) and get yourself a good digital thermometer. I like the Taylor remote read out. Keep the pit in the 225 to 250 range and don't keep opening the lid. After about 2 - 21/2 hours, take a look and check for the meat pull back and the bend test as mentioned above. It's a snap. Finish smoking the ribs until the tests are good. Be sure to post pictures of your great results. I'd say that your problem just about has to be smoking pit is not hot enough. Good luck!




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   I've been working on and perfecting my rib recipe and technique for 18 years now.  I have what I like ( LOVE ) now.. I've struggled with getting them as tender as I like too.  Until I discovered this:


I do smoke them lower and slower than your post said. I smoke mine at 190-220 degrees.

I also use salt in my rub..  and I think one of the keys it to let the ribs sit with the rub on them at room temp for at least a half hour.  ( This works out perfectly for me as it takes me time to get my smoker up to temperature and producing smoke. )  so, I remove the membrane, rub the ribs, fire up the smoker.

When its producing smoke, I put the ribs in and smoke them for 2-4 hours.  Yes, I know thats vague, but it depends on how much smoke I'm getting and every time I add wood it takes anywhere from 2-15 minutes to start producing good smoke again, ( wood chip sizes, moisture content... )

Once I get a good bark / color .. I wrap them up in foil.  This makes a huge difference in making them tender.  I cook them for another 2 hours in the foil.  ( huge step )

after 2 hours in foil, I remove the foil and finish the ribs with smoke for another hour or so.  That depends on how thick and fatty there are.


My suggestion... go lower temp.  wrap in foil after you get a good smoke on the ribs and cook for 2 hours in the foil.


I hope you get this..

I hope you try it and let me know how it worked for you.


Tom Fugaban,

Plymouth Michigan 

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