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bucket-o-chicken and beans

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I smoked up some chicken quarters today. They were the most moist and tender chicken I've had. I brined the chicken over nite in apple juice,worcestershire sauce, garlic powder,onion powder, kosher salt and water. I also injected them w/the brine. The beans I used Bush's grilling beans w/ chiles and jalapenos. I diced up bbb trimings and added that to the pot. Oh, and chicken drippings because they were in the racks above the beans. I pulled the chicken at 165 internal temp. Next time 170 because it was a little pink at the bone. Went to the local KFC and got some cole slaw and every thing else is history. Thanks for looking.001.JPG002.JPG003.JPG004.JPG

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Looks-Great.gifI love leg quarters good but cheap but still realy good.

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Looks excellent!! icon14.gif

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Looks delicious!  icon14.gif

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 One fine lookin meal right there!!!  icon14.gif

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drool.gif Now that is a simple mean made for a king!!



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MEAL  sowwy slobbered so much on the pic, my fingers slipped all ova the keyboard!!



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two thumbs up on this one icon14.gif  icon14.gif

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Thanks for your replys. I really appreciate your journyman comments. I'm learning and having fun doing it.

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Great looking plate!!



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