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I`ll be right there...

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Everything sure looks good from here.

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No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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 Looks delicious!!!


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Thanks, it was all very good!  You know it is good when nobody can get up from the table until about 30 minutes after they finished eating.  Everybody was overly stuffed. 


I also came up with a new BBQ sauce that was out of this world.  I just hope that I can replicate it.  It is a very sweet sauce with quite a punch in the end.  While it is about 40% vinegar it didn't have the acidic flavor, just sweet and heat.  The only thing that I would have done different is not waste such a cut on a brisket style smoke. 


It (the beef) pleased the masses (which is why it was done that way) but I know that my father and I didn't enjoy it as much as we would have had I treated it like a true roast and served medium rare.  I had to make the chicken for my mother as she doesn't eat red meat. 


This is my chore for today.  I am putting in a closed-loop geothermal system and I have to fix the earth that was disturbed. 








And, no, I'm not using the shovel and wheelbarrow that is in the picture.

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