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cold smoke trout

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Well i got brave and did a full cold smoke on some trout, theywere 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 lb fish and in really great condition.

Only did 6 hrs in the brine and then sat in the smoker for 13 hrs before being taste tested








After the 13 hrs it was still a little "raw" right down by the skin so I remembered in a utube video I watched (while doing some research) that they skinned the salmon first, so I did this and let her smoke another 4 hrs.






So you know how it goes.... all the other bits are residing with someone else now and they all loved it.

Was going to do a few shots finished in the smoker etc etc but it was dark and I was on shift hrs, soo it got vacuumed and distributed before I realised what I had done!


Heres a shot of it sliced




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Nice Trout, Looks like it came out great...

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As I am new to this I have a few questions


Should I have brined it for longer and then been able to reduce the smoke time?


Do you think skinning the fillet works best?


I found that the top rack seemed to have a better smoke on it so swapped the trays around to even it out, does anyone else find this with cold smoking?

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If you were trying to make lox or cold smoked trout, it needs to be brined much longer. There are several different ways to cold smoke & cure fish. Some use a cure, some just use salt. If you type in Lox or smoked fish in the search box you will get lots of info. Here is a thread that I did some smoked salmon on, but there are many others as well.

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Most guys leave the skin on to hold it together, and to have less trouble getting it off the smoker racks.


I always remove the skin, so I get more smoke on the part I'm going to eat, the same reason as I remove the rind from Bacon first.


It's really a matter of taste, and personal preference.


BTW: Very nice trout !





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Thats some meaty trout, I kept thinking it was salmon. icon14.gif

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Thanks for the replys guys i will be sure to check out Lox.

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